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What is the Science Behind REVIAN?

Our precision light therapy uses LED sources that can access the full color palette of light to unlock its therapeutic potential.

We carefully selected two wavelengths of light that evenly bathe the scalp and boost the regeneration of new hair follicles

Precise LED Light Delivers

REVIAN RED utilizes a patented combination of two wavelengths of LED light (620 nm and 660 nm) to enhance your natural reserves of nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide increases local blood flow, reduces inflammation, and inhibits DHT production which provides the right environment for new hair growth.


Uniform Scalp Coverage

Uniform penetration from 119 LEDs repairs cells and extends the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. Treat the entire scalp instead of isolated spots with laser-only products.


Blood Vessels Grow

Increased blood flow to hair follicles further extends the hair growth phase of the cycle. During this anagen phase, the follicle has more microvessels providing it with vital nutrients.


Hair Growth Revived

With increased blood flow supplying more nutrients to the hair follicles, you’re on your way to generating not only new hair but further strengthening it to prevent loss in the future.

Mechanism of Dual Band Light Therapy

Key Benefit of 620 and 660 nm LED Light for Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia can be reversible with the right treatment. But to do so, you need to address the underlying problem. REVIAN RED’s dual band technology releases nitric oxide and targets the three main pathogenic factors known to be associated with androgenetic alopecia: reduced blood flow, inflammation, elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Here’s a look at the treatment options available to you in the marketplace.

Promote Blood Flow
Reduce Inflammation
Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Follicular Transplant

Rogaine® is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson Inc.
Propecia® is a registered trademark of MERCK & CO., Inc.

Comparison of Scalp Coverage

LED Light Therapy vs. Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT)


LED Light Therapy

Uniform Light Coverage

Imaging using optical spectroscopy in our laboratory shows how high output LEDs emit light at a wide angle, evenly bathing the scalp for uniform coverage.


Our LED cap delivers the same amount of energy or ‘Fluence’ (J/cm²) as FDA-cleared laser devices with deeper skin penetration and broader coverage.

Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

Uneven Laser Spots

Imaging using optical spectroscopy in our laboratory shows how Laser beams, by definition, are tightly focused and only hit discrete spots on the head.

Laser Only Device

Laser devices continue to chase coverage by increasing the number of laser diodes which equals more cost to you and corded battery packs for power.

All LED Cap
26.3 hairs/cm2 @ 16 weeks(1)
Red Laser
16.3 hairs/cm2
@ 26 weeks(2)
16.2 hairs/cm2
@ 16 weeks(2)
11.6 hairs/cm2
@ 26 weeks(2)
Net Change in Hair Count

Rogaine® is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson Inc.
Propecia® is a registered trademark of MERCK & CO., Inc.

Real Results

In the medical community, what do health-care providers consider success?

Hairs grown per centimeter squared is the metric relied upon most and is used in the majority of well controlled hair loss clinical trials.

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Hair Growth System

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The REVIAN RED System for hair regrowth is an innovative hair growth system, available to both men and women.

Our money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that you can try our product for six months and if you don’t see results, we will take it back. What have you got to lose—besides more hair?

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