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We’re constantly developing new technologies to revolutionize the way we treat hair loss and skin conditions. Follow our news page to stay up to date on the latest in LED technology in the health industry.

Earning Affiliate Revenue Through Social Media

We’ve been so impressed with our Partners’ thoughtfulness and creativity in sharing REVIAN RED with their patients! From Facebook posts and Instagram Story videos to website blogs and online store promos, our REVIAN Partners have dynamically tapped into the power of virtually every digital media channel to not only to create ... (Continue Reading)

American Hair Loss Council Features REVIAN RED in “THE LINK” Magazine

Patented LED technology accelerates scalp healing to renew cells associated with hair growth and retention. After years dedicated to developing a superior method to treat hair loss, our FDA-cleared wireless wearable cap, which uses dual band LED light to treat androgenetic alopecia in men and women, has clinical trial outc... (Continue Reading)


Mark S. Nestor, MD, PhD discusses the evolution of laser and LED-assisted hair regrowth, and the future of light therapy in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. (Continue Reading)

‘Robust’ Data Supports Red LED Light Therapy for Hair Growth

Dr. Rodney Sinclair of Sinclair Dermatology discusses the evolution of low-level lED therapy as a treatment for hair loss in this latest article on (Continue Reading)

Top-line results show efficacy of LED cap for androgenetic alopecia

PhotonMD Inc. announced positive results of a clinical trial assessing REVIAN RED, an all-LED cap for the treatment of androgenic alopecia vs. a series of other hair growth devices. In the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, REVIAN RED demonstrated the ability to stop hair loss and subsequently grow new hai... (Continue Reading)

Five updates for Alopecia Areata Awareness Month

Alopecia areata affects up to 6.8 million people in the U.S. and carries a 2.1% lifetime risk, according to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. The foundation has dubbed September “Alopecia Areata Awareness Month” to increase awareness, spread empowerment and raise funds for research into this polygenic autoimmune diseas... (Continue Reading)

At-home therapy plus in-office treatment maximizes hair growth investment

PRP and light therapy are similar in that their efficacy is supported by the literature, but they are sometimes misunderstood. By way of explanation, PRP contains growth factors and cytokines that enhance the body’s inherent capacity to repair and regenerate. Platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth factor, vascula... (Continue Reading)

Top News in Dermatology: At-home Hair Growth Therapy

In the top story from last week, Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD,describes how at-home therapy, such as LED light therapy along with in-office platelet-rich plasma injections, helps to prevent further hair loss and protect the hair growth already achieved. Additionally, an oral Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor achieved a 50% relative... (Continue Reading)

Female Pattern Baldness: An In-Depth Look at Androgenetic Alopecia in Women

Female pattern hair loss affects more than 21 million women in the United States and is the most common type of hair loss that adult women face. Amongst healthy women, up to 38% experience some degree of hair loss on the front or side of the scalp, and more than one in four women over the age of 50 experiences significant... (Continue Reading)

Male Pattern Baldness – What is Androgenetic Alopecia?

Hair loss is a common issue in both men and women, especially as they age. Many of us know men who started to lose their hair in their 20’s, culminating in the classic horseshoe shape associated with male pattern baldness, medically known as androgenetic alopecia (AA). Men are more commonly impacted than women, and caucas... (Continue Reading)

The Advancement of Medical Grade LED Light Technology

The landscape for wearable devices that emit therapeutic doses of light is growing quickly. From products that improve seasonal affective disorder and depression to those that prevent wrinkles and stop hair loss. Fast-moving research in the field continues to decode the healing effects of light on the human body. Consu... (Continue Reading)

Inhibiting DHT as a Treatment for Hair Loss

Androgens are steroid hormones produced and secreted into the systemic circulation by the testes, ovaries, and adrenal gland.  Androgens like testosterone and 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the skin are the main cause of androgenetic alopecia or “pattern baldness”.  Based on results from laboratory testing, red light tri... (Continue Reading)

Does Red Light Therapy Work for Hair Growth?

When it comes to restoring hair loss, there are a variety of treatment options available. Most people are familiar with the drug minoxidil, also called Rogaine®. Some people may have heard of the pill finasteride or its brand name for hair loss, Propecia. An effective and lesser known therapy to treat hair loss is low level l... (Continue Reading)