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Rejuvenate Your
Hair & Skin with Light.

The first and only FDA-cleared all-LED hair loss treatment for men & women, clinically proven to grow more hair in less time than other hair loss products.

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Revive Your Foundation

REVIAN was created to stimulate the body’s natural processes and rejuvenate hair and skin with light. Our team develops products that precisely deliver light and allow patients to experience its regenerative potential in the convenience of your own home.

We are committed to partnering with health-care providers and other professionals to deliver their patients meaningful results, backed by scientific data.

Wireless Cap +
Smart App

In just 10 minutes a day, our all LED light therapy pairs with a mobile app to both activate and track your treatments to give you total control at your fingertips.

We’ve proven that the more you use the app, the more hair you will grow.

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Will REVIAN Work for You?

We understand there are numerous options to evaluate when choosing a hair growth plan.

We recommend you choose products with real clinical results.

Any questions you may have, we are here to help.

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Dual Band Light Technology

REVIAN RED enhances hair growth by targeting biochemical processes in your scalp with two colors of light.

620 and 660 nm wavelengths of light work together to unlock the body’s natural ability to accelerate healing and renew the cells that grow hair.

How it Works

It took almost 20 years to work out the ideal wavelengths of light, the best fluence of power, how long the treatments should last and how often the treatments need to be repeated. That sort of information requires clinical trials & that is exactly what we have done here.

Dr. Rodney Sinclair

REVIAN Trial Principal Investigator
Dermatologist & Professor of Medicine

REV-01 Clinical

In the medical community, what do health-care providers consider success?

Hairs grown per centimeter squared is the metric relied upon most and is used in the majority of well controlled hair loss clinical trials.

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I started to experience hair loss in my 20s and took Propecia for a year or two. After experiencing mental fog, I stopped taking it and just resigned myself to the inevitable... I'm 20 weeks in with REVIAN and have had great results. I was looking for a non-pharmacological option for hair loss and I've been really pleased. Not only have I seen significant regrowth, but the hair that I have is much thicker. I look forward to seeing how much better things will look in a few more months.

David S.

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Hair Growth System

$995 + Free Shipping

The REVIAN RED System for hair regrowth is an innovative hair growth system, available to both men and women.

Our money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that you can try our product for six months and if you don’t see results, we will take it back. What have you got to lose—besides more hair?

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